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Investing in residential property

Many people think that buying an investment property is a straightforward process; but the investment market is often more complex than people imagine. It isn’t like the stock market where an error can be easily rectified. Making a mistake in this asset class can take a long time to reverse, as well as being costly; which puts an onus on getting it right first time.

That is why investing in residential property requires both careful research and excellent local knowledge – resources that all textbooks will tell you are vital ingredients of investing in real estate.

Our reputation

Over the past 12 years D&GAM has built up a strong track record as residential investment specialists. We are best known as the adviser to the Prime London capital fund ( At the same time we also have considerable experience at all levels of the investment process, from assembling portfolios for family trusts to buying single units for individual investors.


As you would expect from an investment specialist, D&GAM puts research at the heart of its decision making process. This involves:

  • Constantly scrutinising macro and micro economic indicators.
  • Updating our large bank of proprietary data (including historic price and rental returns) in those specific locations that we believe offer the best investment potential.
  • Maintaining our strong local intelligence network – which includes monitoring the decision making process of local infrastructure projects (schools, transport and hospitals) that can have a huge impact on property prices.

The investment

Once we have established from our clients their exact investment requirements we then pinpoint our investment targets; this is where our ability to source stock comes into play. Because of our market position and reputation, a number of avenues are available to buy the correct properties:

  • Off market contacts
  • Our network of local agents
  • Our strong relationships with professional contacts (Lawyers and Accountants)

D&GAM plays a key role in guiding you through this buying process, ensuring that the asset(s) are purchased at the correct price and that a strategy is in place to deliver maximum net returns to the client over the life of the investment.

The full cycle

Once the investment is made our group offers the complete cycle of services (see ‘What We Do’ page) ensuring that your assets are managed with a high degree of professionalism and the agreed return requirements are met.

Valuable London properties

Investment adviser to the Prime London Capital Fund

  • The leading Prime Central London residential fund. Set up in 2007.
  • Best performing IPD UK All Market Lets portfolio in 2011 with a total return of 16.2%
  • Visit the Prime London Capital Fund Website
Properties at Cadogan Square

£10 billion under management

  • Group collects rent for 2,500 tenants (0.04% default rate)
  • Over £65m of rent collected per annum
  • “D&GAM provides a one-stop shop for any residential property investor, research through capital deployment and improvement to management”
Impressive property seen from street

Residential Property as an Asset Class

  • It is estimated that Britons currently pay between £55bn - £65bn to Buy-To-Let property owners*.
  • Against this background, it is unsurprising that institutions, pension funds and global family offices are starting to invest heavily in the sector.

* Source: Economist magazine 12th December 2017